ABSTRACT. The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of cognitive load in visual displays, the value of inquiry learning as an educational method, the various ways to conceptualize thinking about cognitive, affective, and behavioral experiences, and the educational use of Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing. The literature on the role of cognitive engagement in assessment practice, inquiry learning as an educational tool, the promotion of web-based technologies for mainstream education, and educational use of emerging Web 2.0-based technologies is relevant to this discussion. I am specifically interested in how previous research investigated behavior that impedes the teaching/learning process, the use of multimodal learning techniques, the relationships between institutional characteristics and faculty behaviors and attitudes, and the importance of designing complex learning materials based on a cognitive theory of multimedia learning and cognitive load theory. pp. 160–165

Keywords: teaching, learning, educational tool, faculty, student

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University of Craiova

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