ABSTRACT. This article examines the university institutional in relation to the notion of time by postulating the concept of “the epoch of digital reason.” Within this epoch the university exhibits “fast knowledge” flows of knowledge in the circuits of “cybernetic capitalism.” The paper introduces the university on speed through the work of Paul Virilio and then in the next sections examines “the epoch of digital reason,” fast knowledge and fast capitalism and “the cybernetic hypothesis” including a conception of the university and “speed politics” within cybernetic capitalism. pp. 38–58

Keywords: university; speed politics; digital reason; cybernetic capitalism; fast knowledge; financialization

How to cite: Peters, Michael A. (2015), “The University in the Epoch of Digital Reason: Fast Knowledge in the Circuits of Cybernetic Capitalism,” Analysis and Metaphysics 14: 38–58.

Received 9 January 2015 • Received in revised form 24 September 2015
Accepted 24 September 2015 • Available online 1 October 2015

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University of Waikato;
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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