ABSTRACT. What I want to explore in this paper is whether there are any truths in philosophy. The issue arises because of the widespread controversies about nearly every topic those working in the discipline consider. Unlike in physics or biology, although not so much in economics and literary criticism, in philosophy there is no commonly accepted method by which the truth of an idea or school of thought may be established. Everything is debated, even if by some reasonable accounts not everything is really debatable. pp. 77–87

Keywords: truth; philosophy; logic; metaphysics; language; knowledge

How to cite: Machan, Tibor R. (2016), “Revisiting Truth in Philosophy,” Analysis and Metaphysics 15: 77–87.

Received 18 April 2015 • Received in revised form 28 November 2015
Accepted 28 November 2015 • Available online 12 December 2015

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