ABSTRACT. We falsely believed, throughout the 20th century, that the nuclear holocaust will put an end to the entire human race. No! It will be a slow, nearly-unnoticed, gradual but steady construction of the global gas chamber. Has the human race already passed the point of no return of its survival? Frankly, we do not know. Very sincerely, we do not care! The way we extract, produce, transport, distribute and consume, the way we keep all this running on a blind obedience to hydrocarbons, and finally the way how we do reflect, contemplate and study on all that, inevitably takes us right into the environmental holocaust. pp. 47–50

Keywords: climate, environment, Kyoto, Durban, hydrocarbons, disproportionate pay, obedience, ignorance, anti-Intellectualism, state of planet, state of mind 

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University of Applied Sciences IMC–Krems

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