ABSTRACT. Our paper starts with a review of relevant literature on the economic dimensions of immigrant conflict, the negative consequences of social isolation and ethnic segregation, the dynamics of ethnic capital, the economic dimension of the ethnic enclave, the spatial relationship between the ethnic economy and the ethnic community, and patterns of racial and ethnic denigration and exclusion. In this paper I integrate the literature on the relationship between ethnic identity and employment in the labour market, the organizational structure of the ethnic enclave, the fields of immigration and ethnicity, the ethnic diversity of the immigrant population, and the development of ethnoburbs and suburban ethnic economies, with the issues of the population increase caused by immigrant inflows, the structuring of ethnic communities and their relation with host societies, the contemporary integrated ethnic economy, the role of the ethnic enclave, and sociospatial structures of ethnic communities. pp. 291–300

Keywords: immigrant conflict, ethnic identity, labour market

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Spiru Haret University

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