ABSTRACT. The current study was conducted to summarize the legal positions, to which each state in the US has held fast in the social scientific evidence related to the polygraph technique, and empirical studies on the validity of polygraph techniques. This study consisted of two parts, first, each state’s legal standpoint on the use of polygraph evidence in trial was reviewed. Important cases dealing with the use of polygraph evidence were summarized based on the courts’ rationales for the admissibility of polygraph evidence in trials. Although many states in the US do not admit polygraph evidence, there are several states admitting the evidence only if certain requirements are met. The second part presented social scientific evidence on polygraph technique itself and the effect of polygraph evidence on jury decision making. Studies on the validity of polygraph techniques (e.g. CQT and GKT) were synthesized to address the current status of polygraph technique in deception detection. The studies that investigated the effect of polygraph evidence on jury decision making are also elaborated. The literature showed that the GKT was more theoretically sound and effective than the CQT, and some of juror-eligible people could reasonably evaluate the polygraph evidence, whereas the others could not. Finally, future directions to contribute toward the collaboration of social scientists and legal professionals were discussed. pp. 115–147

Keywords: social scientific evidence; deception detection; polygraph; jury decision making

How to cite: Han, Yuhwa (2016), “Deception Detection Techniques Using Polygraph in Trials: Current Status and Social Scientific Evidence,” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 8(2): 115–147.

Received 6 November 2015 • Received in revised form 10 December 2015
Accepted 11 December 2015 • Available online 15 February 2016


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