ABSTRACT. This article reviews recent literature (e.g. Bargigli and Tedeschi, 2014; Barnett, 2017; Dumas and Louche, 2016; Noble, 2015; Tang and Tang, 2014; Zhao and Duan, 2014) concerning the relationship between cognitive performance and labor market outcomes. Using data from Current Population Survey, Educational Testing Service, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, GSV Advisors, Labor Department, Pew Research Center, and The Wall Street Journal, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding the percentage of workers in each group who are very/somewhat concerned about losing their current jobs, the unemployment rate (routine vs. nonroutine, cognitive vs. manual), the percentage of the U.S. population who believes that people can be trusted by highest level of educational attainment, U.S. productivity and jobs, and U.S. venture-capital and growth investments in education, and clarified that cognitive economics considers the cognitive mechanisms of people in economic doctrine on the levels of the participants and of their active interplays and the subsequent shared phenomena. Empirical and secondary data are employed to support the claim that cognitive economics does not concentrate on the distribution of current informational resources but on the creation of novel knowledge.
JEL codes: L14; L86

Keywords: cognitive performance; labor market outcome; information; knowledge

How to cite: Sponte (Piştalu), Maria (2018). “Cognitive Performance and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the U.S.,” Economics, Management, and Financial Markets 13(2): 70–75.

Received 15 December 2017 • Received in revised form 25 January 2018
Accepted 27 January 2018 • Available online 18 February 2018


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