ABSTRACT. Early in the twentieth century, Argentina became the world’s fifth largest wine producer, but until very recently its wines were little known and even less appreciated outside of the country. During the last decade, however, Argentina’s wine isolation came to an end with exports growing in excess of 30 percent per annum. In recent years, international demand, particularly for the country’s emblematic Malbec, has expanded so rapidly that winery owners complain they are reaching the limit of capacity and fear that they will soon be unable to meet growing demand from external markets. This article analyzes the reasons for the international emergence of Argentine wines in the new millennium. Major themes include: an analysis of the drivers of wine export development; the identification of major comparative advantages that have contributed to export growth; an evaluation of the elements of the industry’s successful export business and marketing strategy; and a discussion of prospects for future industry growth and of the specific role of Malbec in that process. (pp. 64–98)

JEL: A11, L17, L66

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