ABSTRACT. Bivariate analysis was applied to spousal violence data collected from the Demographic and Health Surveys for Nigeria and Zambia in order to examine the contribution made by selected demographic variables to spousal violence severity. Spousal violence was conceptualized to mean physical, emotional, sexual and other forms of violence. We took a sample of currently married/cohabiting women from age 20 to 44 years because spousal violence is reported as very common in the identified age range. Based on the analysis, we found that women’s age, types of marriage union and literacy level in the selected countries did not relate to sexual violence component of the spousal violence. However, age at first marriage, occupational level, wealth index and residence were found to relate significantly to spousal violence among women in both countries. Theoretical and policy implications of the findings were discussed.

Keywords: gender; occupation; poverty index; spousal violence; wealth index

How to cite: Oduaran, Choja A., and Boitumelo Marilyn Patience Setlalentoa (2018). “Bivariate Analysis of the Relationship between Partners’ Experience of Spousal Violence and Socio-Demographic Variables,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 8(1): 89–107.

Received 19 October 2017 • Received in revised form 14 November 2017
Accepted 15 November 2017 • Available online 10 December 2017


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Social Work Subject Group,
North West University (Mafikeng Campus)

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