ABSTRACT. In this paper I will discuss on three Romanian and French born women writers, illustrious authors of high repute: Dora d’Istria, Anna de Noailles and Martha Bibesco. Three women and as many cultural routes of exceptional women, Romanian women, women of letters and lounges, French women-writers. Three interesting and convergent cases, since all three chose to write in French texts that relate, in their great majority, of Romania. More than Anna de Noailles, who was born in Paris of Romanian parents in exile, Dora d’Istria and Martha Bibesco, both from Bucharest, chose the Parisian scene, leaving Romania, writing in French and becoming French writers. Paris, the capital of literary phenomenon and cultural crossroads, a city of excitement and fervor, was producing a surge of creativity, the privileged space of a permanent bubbling. Literary capital in the nineteenth century, Paris attracted the Romanian intelligentsia of the nineteenth century, moreover Franco- phone and Francophile. I will consider Paris as part of my presentation to compare my three Romanian-born French writers, and I will study their exile in terms of biographical and autobiographical aspects. From Bucharest to Paris, the Romanian Dora d’Istria and Martha Bibesco who seize this space and internalize it. From Paris to Bucharest, the opposition being done this time by the Romanians in Paris, Dora, Martha, but also Anna de Noailles, around whom there is grouped Romanian high society attracted by Bucharest, the road runs in the double meaning of the space works by bipolarity. pp. 93–106

Keywords: French Women writers, 19th Century, Europe, Paris, Bucharest, Dora d’Istria, Anna de Noailles, Marthe Bibesco

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Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

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