ABSTRACT. Among Khoury-Ghata’s abounding work, the novel Sept pierres pour la femme adultère (Seven Stones for the Adulterous Woman) is considered a major piece because of its particular literary form of commitment. The Lebanese writer who lives in Paris treats a moving drama of the death sentence of women convicted of adultery, a sentence that still persists in certain regions of the world. She denounces courageously the rigidity of secular values and the abuse of the masculine power which condemn women’s submission, silence, total marginalization, or even pure and simple ostracism. Khoury-Ghata’s writing which blends skill and credibility, fiction and reality constitutes a true indictment against human barbarism, and brilliant engagement for the freedom of women. pp. 107–129

Keywords: women’s writing, stoning, adultery, denunciation, condemnation, revolt

Montclair State University, United States of America
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