ABSTRACT. At the turn of the twenty-first century, the emergence of women’s narratives that tell the personal and collective trauma explodes. In the literary field, great attention is given to the word of the survivors and the trauma of writing that evokes not only the experience of the past through the transcript of the story, but also the psychological reintegration of the subject who has suffered trauma. Writing about trauma can break the silence, to put an early end to his traumatic experience. The story of Samira testimonial reveals the sexual violence that has established and commonplace in cities and suburbs in France where everything is reduced to the balance of power and domination. In such an environment, the torture suffered by women is not only physical but also moral: reputation shattered, shame and humiliation are complete the remaining ruins. Punch or hit iron, Dans l’enfer des tournantes [In the Hell of Rotating], hard-hitting testimony of the murders Samira Bellil psychic girls of cities in France, raise awareness and contribute to the development of feminist discourse. pp. 9–23

Keywords: testimonial narrative, trauma, trauma writing, suburbs, cities, sexuality

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Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne, France

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