ABSTRACT. Since its inception, Francophone literature of the Maghreb has become a referent of the postcolonial discourse beyond the boundaries of the Francophonie. As for the writers, their journey, similar to that of male writers, reflecting the hope and disappointment post-independence that the different national policies have caused. The texts of writers from the Maghreb become the link between meeting the feminist critique and postcolonial criticism. They reflect the historical process, the relations they maintain with the colonizer’s language and the culture of origin at the time they are analyzed from the European perspective which is their place of origin and editing. We therefore propose an analysis of the construction of a speech marked by the search for identity and gender. To do this, we must consider the cultural context in which the texts occur, the relationship with their historical context, the culture of origin and the culture in which they fit – the West French context. We focus on the feminist discourse that emerges under construction with the coincidences and divergences from the Anglo-American feminism. While addressing the production of fiction to which allusions are constant, we will identify the feminist discourse of some of their texts published in recent years, straddling the memory test, which trace the course of the writer and commitment through writing. pp. 122–137

Keywords: Maghreb, literary sociology, postcolonialism, feminism, multiculturalism

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University of Alicante, Spain

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