ABSTRACT. There have been few comprehensive assessments of what research has learned about the relationship between gender and space, the integration of gender into spatial policy-making, the legal changes that have granted women greater entitlements to conjugal assets and protection from domestic violence, and income as a key indicator of gender gaps in poverty. In the present paper, I focus on the salience of ethnicity and citizenship status in gender violence, the multiple gendered (re)makings of urban public space, the gendered aspects of comfort, belonging and commitment in the city, and the multilayered nature of gendered belonging in the city. pp. 125–130

Keywords: gender, space, violence, urban, social, relation

How to cite: Manolache, Elena (2013), “Transforming the Gendered Social Relations of Urban Space,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 3(1): 125–130.

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Hyperion University, Romania

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