ABSTRACT. This study of Née en France will focus on the role of writing in the life of a young beur woman sequestered in Algeria by her father, a frustrated immigrant unable to deal with the cultural and generational conflicts with which his daughter struggles in France. Aïcha Benaïssa’s testimony contributes to a program targeting the psychological wellbeing of young French women of Maghrebi origin raised in France. This is evident not only in the book’s dedication but also in Sophie Ponchelet’s post face which follows the testimony. This sociologist’s support is crucial to the publication of Aïcha’s story. Aïcha recounts her experience under a pseudonym in order to ‘reveal the magnitude of the threat faced by hundreds of young women’. pp. 67–75

Keywords: writing, testimony, beur, sequestration, forced marriage

How to cite: Miraglia, Anne Marie (2013), “L’écriture Née en France pour traverser les frontieres,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 3(2): 67–75.

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