ABSTRACT. TechnoFeminist Science Fiction is a new trend in contemporary Women/Gender Studies and Feminist Science Fiction and aims at showing the stories of technowoman and their technoworld by creating new women figures − combining both cyborg and cyber. British novelist Sue Thomas has opened a new three dimensional world to contemporary women science fiction through a technodigital world in which cyborg embodiment corresponds with her cyber self by breaking down the boundaries between woman and machine and physical and non-physical organisms. In her novel, Correspondence (short-listed for Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in 1993), Thomas weaves the mutual relationship between women and technology and develops an image of cyborg consistent with Donna Haraway’s cyborg manifesto and cyberspace consistent with Sadie Plant’s cyber matrix. This second person narrative novel weaves the issues of AIs, role-play game, online player selves, loneliness and strangeness of cyborg figure, cyber job of the cyborg woman, cyberspace and virtual realities, cybersex between cyber- women, and cyber virus. That is, virtual reality, cyberspace, is created by a cyborg woman who composes an online cyberfeminist science fictional narrative through creating a techno-digital world, cyberspace. The unnamed protagonist, called You, adopts herself to the computer and begins to live in a virtual cyberworld that she composes, so by this way, she tries to transform her body into a machine, to a cyborg organism. Therefore, the aim of this study is to demonstrate how technowoman is reborn through correspondence between cybernetic organism and cyber self. pp. 290–322

Keywords: technowoman; cyber self; cyborg woman; TechnoFeminist Science Fiction; women studies; gender studies

How to cite: Buran, Sümeyra (2015), “Correspondence between Cyborg Body and Cyber Self,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 5(2): 290–322.

Received 20 November 2015 • Received in revised form 12 December 2015
Accepted 12 December 2015 • Available online 20 December 2015

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