ABSTRACT. The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the gendered performance of formal and informal institutions, the link between gender, institutions and candidate selection, and the gendered features of institutional dynamics. I am specifically interested in how previous research investigated the gendered character of access to political office, political parties as gendered institutions, and the gendering of the formal and informal regulations that comprise institutions. The theory that I shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on the function of present institutions of candidate selection, the latter’s arrangements and gendered effects of various political parties, and the role of gender in configuring institutional content and consequences.

Keywords: feminist institutionalism; formal; informal; gender; candidate selection

How to cite: Popescu Ljungholm, Doina (2017). “Feminist Institutionalism Revisited: The Gendered Features of the Norms, Rules, and Routines Operating within Institutions,” Journal of Research in Gender Studies 7(1): 248–254.

Received 18 February 2017 • Received in revised form 19 April 2017
Accepted 20 April 2017 • Available online 28 May 2017


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