ABSTRACT. This article looks at the ways in which Trump and Clinton expressed and reinforced what might be called hard and soft elements of neoliberal values and policies during their 2016 presidential campaigns, and how Trump accelerated such practices once elected president. While Trump’s authoritarianism put him in a much more dangerous political category than Hillary Clinton, both candidates shared a commitment to policies that reinforced militarism, an attack on the social contract, and the power and wealth of the corporate elite. This article examines specifically how such authoritarian and neoliberal polices bear down on young people, constituting what I have called a war on youth. It also calls for a rejection of neoliberal capitalism and for the creation of a broad-based social movement and political formation that supports a form of democratic socialism. pp. 14–22

Keywords: neoliberalism; youth; poverty; capitalism; militarism; social movements


open access


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