ABSTRACT. Learning in the age of digital reason weaves the threads of Petar Jandric’s dialogues with diverse critical thinkers into a compendium of contemporary transdisciplinary approaches to digital media and learning. The book is divided into five thematic sections determined by the major field of interlocutors’ contribution, albeit it can be argued that most chapters offer cross-sectional insights: History and Philosophy, Media Studies, Education, Practice and Activism, and Arts, each consisting of three chapters. Petar is himself interviewed in the final chapter, reflecting back on the book and the making of it. The book’s author, Petar Jandric, is an emerging critical thinker to be aware of, having published a number of thought provoking pieces, often collaborating with recognised authors in critical theory, educational philosophy and technology. He is throwing a (dialogic) party in Learning in the age of digital reason with interlocutors chosen in line with personal sensibility, many of whom are friends and fellow thinkers, mainly working in leftist/radical/critical/Marxist/activist traditions, opposing the global neoliberal agenda and capitalist tendencies in education and technology mediation. pp. 131–135


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