ABSTRACT. Why Dumézil? It could be that he provides a simple academic afterthought or a prime exercise that digs through the western thinking experiences with the purpose of imagining an answer, a different color that irradiates clarity to contrast the darkness of the world we live in. Probably Dumézil also promises, without intention, an alternate view to the recurrences of the humanist thinking of our time. Despite being substantial to our understanding, it seems that some of them, such as psychoanalysis, linguistics and ethnology, as Foucault proposed at the very end of The words and the things, are both unsatisfactory as analytical-discursive and as mere world conceptions. Now when we live immersed in the predominance of the great myth of globalization, it is attractive to turn to authors that quite probably contribute to understand what we are and what we could be. Moreover, if we are speaking of myths, there is no one better than Dumézil. pp. 112–130

Keywords: Dumézil; myths; Indo-European; comparative mythology; epic; trifunctional theory


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