ABSTRACT. The propaganda of model is one of the ways in which China conducts moral education and political education for the masses. Chinese admiration for model stems from ancient Chinese politics and moral tradition. Since the founding of the country, the model figures constructed in each period have obvious characteristics of the times and show the potential requirements of the government for the morality of the people during a period of time. On the one hand, people often use the exemplary virtues of a period of time as their criteria for judging goodness, disciplining their thoughts and behaviors, and making themselves citizens of public morality. On the other hand, for model figures, once from ordinary people become exemplary characters they must make their own behaviors and thoughts conform to the exemplary standards and maintain their own model qualifications through self-discipline training. This article will combine Foucault’s “discipline” theory to analyze and explain the Chinese model person’s discipline to others and self-discipline. pp. 12–15

Keyword: China; model; moral education; discipline


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