ABSTRACT. By problematizing how morality is discussed in cosmopolitan education without addressing the rightlessness of non-citizens I draw on thoughts by Martha Nussbaum and Marianna Papastephanou on how human rights and agency can be reclaimed through a critical cosmopolitanism. Educational philosophy on cosmopolitan education presupposes the juridical right to education. Due to this presupposition, the subject who is excluded by legal limitations of rights is not necessarily addressed by morally conceptualizations of cosmopolitanism and education. This paper seeks to investigate this gap by asking what significance cosmopolitanism and philosophy have for the rightlessness, drawing on the problematization by Hannah Arendt on the limitations of the human rights project. The concept of phronesis is invoked in order to stress the importance for cosmopolitan educationalists to theorize the non-citizen and to address those who are excluded from the legal right to education. pp. 75–86

Keywords: education; human rights; cosmopolitanism; non-citizens; phronesis; morality; justice; agency


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