ABSTRACT. The international education has developed greatly in Chinese higher education. This study aimed to explore international students’ daily self-presentation in a cased university in China with qualitative research methods from the perspective of sociological institutionalism. Based on the qualitative data analysis, it was found that the patterns of self-presentation by the targeted international students were embodied in the five roles that they played in the daily life. Their self-presentations were resulted from the interactions with people and institutions in which the action logic between institutions and meaning-making is the mechanism in the behind. Beyond the combination of external and internal forces, team collusion and institutionalization maintain the social interaction orders. pp. 104–119

Keywords: international students; self-presentation; sociological institutionalism; action logic; cross-culture


Bin Zhao
Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Zhiyong Zhu
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
(corresponding author)

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