ABSTRACT. Internationalization is a concept that has many interpretations, but the fact that much of the world has gone global has impacted nearly every aspect of society. One of those aspects is how we communicate. This has taken on a particular challenge in multi-national corporations. People from different cultures, who see the world very differently, are now tasked with communicating in ways that will drive a corporate vision and culture, produce results and grow the business. So how can we foster intercultural communication in a corporate environment that can produce the results needed to grow a business? I will begin by investigating what we might mean by the term internationalization and the impact this concept has on intercultural communication in the corporate environment. Since culture is such a key concept in how we communicate, I will also examine what we mean by culture and how it complements, or clashes, with a corporate culture. And finally, I will address how the communication can be fostered and how a corporate culture can cross regional lines by meshing with the culture versus trumping the prevailing paradigm. pp. 78–89

Keywords: intercultural communication, global corporation, internationalization

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