ABSTRACT. Open science is a term that is being used in the literature to designate a form of science based on open source models or that utilizes principles of open access, open archiving and open publishing to promote scientific communication. Open science increasingly also refers to open governance and more democratized engagement and control of science by scientists and other users and stakeholders. Sometimes other terms are used to refer to the same or similar conceptions of science such as “wiki science” or “science 2.0” that focus on “technologies of openness” that not only promote more effective forms of scientific communication but also increasingly the deep sharing of large data bases (“linked data”) and “cloud computing.” In this paper first I touch on the related dimensions of openness in science focusing on epistemology, ethics, review, economics and governance of open science, before attempting definition and finally address the question of the future of open science. Open science provides a model that offers an alternative to current modes of the commercialization of science. pp. 118–130

Keywords: open science, access, governance, democratized engagement

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