ABSTRACT. Current literature has underscored new enclosures of the commons be they traditional or new. The default of these critic of cognitive capitalism is not their lack of accuracy. But one has to stress the priority of the movement of disclosure that has become n a fundamental condition of value. Open knowledge, open data, open culture, crowd design and platforms in the cloud are showing that no bottom up innovation is possible without creation of new institution and new rights. The appropriation of digital revolution by multitude cannot be reduced to a colonization of new frontiers for capitalism. It involves, the destruction of the “terra nullius” principle that was the very base is of coloniality of the power of capitalism since the first European globalization in the 1500–1700. It embraces new forms of subjectivity and organization, hence a true alternative culture. pp. 84–97

Keywords: new enclosures; new disclosures; cognitive capitalism; “terra nullius”

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