ABSTRACT. This paper aims to provide analysis of “salaried-rentier”. This figure stems from a double process: the “individualization of salaries” and the “socialization of capital”. We will focus on the understanding of the double process engendering such a figure and on the machine whose function is to produce subjectivities by melding together neoliberalism and cognitive capitalism in a dangerous liaison. In this perspective global finance can be understood as a vector of neoliberal subjectivity. Finally, the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that in neoliberal cognitive capitalism, understood as the arrangement of a mode of capital valorization and a mode of government, society based on wage/labor relations is condemned to disappear, giving way to an entrepreneurial society. pp. 67–83

Keywords: salaried-rentier; neoliberalism; cognitive capitalism

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Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

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