ABSTRACT. This paper presents a reflexive account of collaboration in the context of not participating in the project that energized this special issue. Having begun producing work for collective biographies of academic practice, I arrive here through contributions more akin to the usual practices of academic review and critique than the collaboration with which we started. Through engaging Braidotti’s (2006a, 2006b, 2006c, 2008) notion of nomadic ethics, I want to transform the position of review and critique. Like a normative reviewer, I am responding to my colleagues work. Yet rather than attending to the normative rules of knowledge production, I attend to moments where resistances to those normative practices call me to respond within the boundary-lines that demark our spaces (rights, duties, characteristics and so on) as we are writing theory together. In the process, I try to use critique to articulate the connections between the boundary-lines we traverse and test the limits that are enabled by our collaborative resistances. pp. 121–140

Keywords: nomadic ethics; reflexivity; cartographic figuration; feminist research supervision; arts-based methodologies; lines of flight

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