ABSTRACT. As part of the intention to create a research-based teacher education that is close to the practice, collaboration between university and practice is gaining more attention in teacher education. In Norway, a triad collaboration between school-based mentors, university-based mentors, and mentees collaborates on assessment in assessment dialogues. In this collaboration, the university-based and the school-based mentors may focus on different forms of knowledge. It is therefore of interest to examine what counts as legitimate knowledge in assessment dialogues. To do so, the theoretical and methodological framework of Basil Bernstein is used. The findings indicate that the mentees and school-based mentors see the assessment dialogues as a show aimed at satisfying the legitimised knowledge requirements of the university-based mentor. This paper thus problematises assessment in mentoring and discusses how it could create tensions between the different forms of knowledge.

Keywords: Norway; teacher education; knowledge; triad collaboration; assessment; mentoring

How to cite: Merket, M. (2022). Assessment dialogues in mentoring in Norwegian teacher education: Tensions between different forms of knowledge. Knowledge Cultures, 10(1), 22-44.

Received 1 September 2021 • Received in revised form 23 February 2022
Accepted 24 February 2022 • Available online 01 April 2022

Monika Merket
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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