ABSTRACT. We [who are analyzing the process] know that computer world(s) exist, that they touch and shake us up in many ways, but do we inquire how they came to exist? Or, if they have a right to exist, what was their initial purpose? Or, what key meanings do they have when they are essentially and satisfyingly pleasing us? On the basis of this background, this paper conceptualizes Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and Neo-Luddism, approaching them as aspects of New Social Movements. The paper argues how and why advocates of FOSS and Neo-Luddism must be combined to raise Cyber-Luddites who claim that the human brain and body (mentally & physically upgradeable) ought to appropriately evolve their evaluation of technology (FOSS). The paper evokes the negative elements of computer world(s) derived from Proprietary Close Source Software (PCSS) to control us and the positive, Cyber-Luddism, element derived from FOSS to liberate us. This is followed with concluding remarks for Soft/Hard-Cyber-Luddism in states and their education systems. pp. 155–188

Keywords: technological acceleration; free open source software; Neo-Luddism; New Social Movement; Cyber-Luddism

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University of Bristol

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