ABSTRACT. Educational psychologists are individuals for whom the application of psychological principles to educational problems is the focus of their professional lives. While several examinations of the history of educational psychology have been published, the differing developmental trajectory of the field across the cultural context of nations has been much less discussed. To address this gap a cross-cultural perspective was adopted in this analysis. Accordingly, the history of the field of educational psychology is reviewed, from its ancient roots in the history of philosophy to the present-day. Three discernible trends in the history of educational psychology articulated by Alexander, Murphy, and Greene (2012) are reconsidered: stationary, incremental, and iterative. After examining these trends, as well as particular parallels and contrasts between the U.S. and New Zealand national contexts, predictions relating to a possible future for the field are put forward and discussed. pp. 18–34

Keywords: Educational Psychology; trends; predictions; historical patterns; New Zealand; pedagogy

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University of Maryland

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