ABSTRACT. The starting point of this article is a reflection of the connections between organization, participation and perspectivity within organization research. Participation is being addressed as educational methodization of multiperspectivity and the Iconic is being analyzed as a mode of transgression of organizational basic patterns. The article explores the relationship between participation and imagination in the learning organization and discusses the applications of image based approaches at different stages: a) from image sources as a medium of analysis to b) the analysis of mental models and inner images as iconic representations and to c) individual images of design and d) collective projections. In a next step of research, those transformational images have to be related to e) the organizational “Leitbild” as an artifact of organizing – at this level of analysis, the investigation of pictorial materializations of ideal futures comes into play with the present iconic representation. The multilevel approach of the “iconology of the performative” is to be analyzed as cultural practice of the Iconic in organizing. pp. 175–185

Keywords: aesthetic transformation; organizational development; participation; image based approaches

How to cite: Weber, Susanne Maria (2015), “Aesthetic Imagination, Organizational Transformation and Organization Research,” Knowledge Cultures 3(3): 175–185

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