ABSTRACT. Not only does word enter into the dialogic tissue of human life, but so also do movements, actions, behaviors, images and ideas, and emotions, which possess a biodynamic, sensitive and affective tissue. In actual fact dialogic tissue is not only verbal, it also characterizes all forms of behavior, activity, and consciousness. In accordance with Ernst Cassirer’s assertion made some time ago, it is not only material but also idea which possesses sensitivity; however, in the case of an idea this sensitivity is of a symbolic significance. This significance in turn arises only on interindividual territory. Bakhtin stresses that unfinalizable dialogue is the only adequate form of verbal expression of authentic human life. It can be termed not only unfinalizable, but also the original form of human life. pp. 188–192

Keywords: Bakhtin; dialogue; verbal expression; human life

Higher School of Economics,
National Research University, Moscow, Russia

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