ABSTRACT. In Cole, 2016, I paint a bleak and depressing scenario of racism on three continents. In this paper, I address the fundamental issue of how things might be different: specifically an intercultural twenty-first century socialism that is both antiracist and, in the Latin American context, intercultural. I begin the paper with a discussion of the consolidation and hegemony of imperialism and racialised world capitalism. Given the structural role of and institutional nature of racism in the Anglophone world, and its interconnection with capitalism and imperialism, which is reflected in the political mainstream in the UK, the US and Australia, I believe it is the case that, in order to move beyond racism, we need to move decisively beyond capitalism and imperialism. I take as an example of such a movement: intercultural and intracultural twenty-first century socialism in the making in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – proof that another world is possible. pp. 228–249

Keywords: imperialism; racialised world capitalism; twenty-first century socialism; Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; interculturalism; intraculturalism; Indigenous Peoples; Afro-Venezuelan and Afro-Descendant Peoples; undocumented workers

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