ABSTRACT. Carnap's article "Elimination of Metaphysics", which is directed against Heidegger, not only conducts a fundamental critique of metaphysics based on logic, but also marks in an exemplary way "a parting of the ways" (M. Friedman) between analytic and Continental philosophy. With regard to possibly overcoming this separation, it should be kept in mind that the positions of both Carnap and Heidegger have their origins in the same premises, namely in the critique of life-philosophy (Lebensphilosophie) on neo-Kantianism. While Carnap passes the contents of traditional metaphysics on to poetry and reduces philosophy to its methodological function qua logic and theory of science, Heidegger, providing a new interpretation, adheres to these contents and with them sets off in the opposite direction – towards poetry.


Friedrich Schiller University
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