ABSTRACT. This research synthesizes existing studies and investigates the rate and extent of potential job displacement caused by workplace automation. Using and replicating data from CB Insights, Frey and Osborne (2013), The Heritage Foundation, McKinsey Global Institute, Statista, and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding probability of computerization of different occupations, share of current work hours with potential for automation by 2030 in selected countries, immediate risk from automation, probability of job automation by age group, and percentage changes in labor productivity.
JEL codes: E24; J21; J54; J64

Keywords: technological unemployment; potential job displacement; workplace automation

How to cite: Sorells, Brian (2018). “Will Robotization Really Cause Technological Unemployment? The Rate and Extent of Potential Job Displacement Caused by Workplace Automation,” Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 6(2): 68–73.

Received 4 July 2018 • Received in revised form 20 August 2018
Accepted 21 August 2018 • Available online 5 September 2018


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The Center for Labor Economics at AAER, Hamburg

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