ABSTRACT. In the present paper, I focus on the evolution of corporate accountability, the changing landscape of corporate regulation, the relationship between CSR and firm performance, and the potential and limitations of corporate accountability mechanisms. The theory that I shall seek to elaborate here puts considerable emphasis on the possibilities and limits of CSR to transform market behavior, the relationship between specific corporate governance controls and the financial performance of companies, the social responsibility orientation of IFIs and their portfolio firms, and the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and performance. pp. 9–14
JEL Codes: M14, A13, O16, G34

Keywords: corporate regulation, market behavior, governance, society

How to cite: Nica, Elvira (2013), "Social Responsibility, Corporate Welfare, and Business Ethics," Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 1(1): 9–14.

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Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania

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