ABSTRACT. This article takes a close look at the phenomenon of creativity in relation to entrepreneurial opportunity. Mental models, motivational trigger, creative sensitivity, focus and attention, attenuation, curiosity, imagination, prior knowledge, ego, and emotions are discussed in relation to the cognitive processes of creativity. The creative process is outlined. The metaphorical concept of creative intelligence is introduced and a number of approaches to creativity and problem solving tools, like whole brain thinking, multiple intelligence, CPS, metaphor, synectics, thinking frames, empathy, competitive imagination, visualization of the future, and reconfiguration are introduced. Finally the individual and organizational blocks to creativity are considered. pp. 63–147

Keywords: creativity; innovation; domain; phases of creativity; attention; focus; mental maps; imagination; attenuation; blocks to creativity

How to cite: Hunter, Murray (2014), "Creativity and Making Connections: 'The Patchwork of Entrepreneurial Opportunity' (II)," Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 2(1): 63–147.

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