ABSTRACT. Integration as a concept is becoming ever more contested. Simultaneously, there is an increasing focus on the role of the receiving society for achieving a higher degree of integration of immigrants. This paper explores whether the policy aim of viewing integration as a “two-way process” is being translated into practice, based on 21 interviews with integration stakeholders in Barcelona and Stockholm. The conclusion is that though there is awareness among key actors as policy-makers, NGOs and municipal services, in practice integration processes are hampered both by structural factors as unemployment and labor market discrimination, and a lack of everyday inter-ethnic contacts on equal terms. pp. 143–167
JEL codes: F15; J61; E24

Keywords: integration; integration policies; policy processes; immigrant participation, ethnic discrimination

How to cite: Hellgren, Zenia (2016), “Immigrant Integration as a Two-way Process? Stakeholder Discourses and Practices in Stockholm and Barcelona,” Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management 4(1): 143–167.

Received 18 January 2016 • Received in revised form 22 February 2016
Accepted 22 February 2016 • Available online 5 March 2016


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