ABSTRACT. This paper aims to identify the relevant aspects of divine mercy, as presented in the Scriptures, mercy being the manner in which God intervenes and acts in biblical history. One could see in many pages of the Bible that God does not choose judgment, but rather merciful kindness. After a brief etymological analysis of the terms representing mercy in the Old and the New Testament, we focus on the relationships including the concept of mercy. There is a connection between mercy, on the one hand, and history, justice, and holiness, on the other hand. The last part deals with illustrations: how can one live in the presence of mercy at personal and community levels, having as starting point the primary response of faith? The main element remains the effort to imitate divine mercy through forgiveness, kindness and love. pp. 43–53

Keywords: mercy; characteristics of divine mercy; righteousness; holiness; Father; grace; the Holy Bible

Iulian Faraoanu
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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi

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