ABSTRACT. I will be dealing with the presence of the Mother of God in the works of the Philokalic Fathers. The dogmas on the Virgin Mary in the Orthodox Church are in direct connection with the dogma of holiness. Among the multitude of appellatives of the Mother of God, I will analyse: Theotokos (St. Teoclitos, Peter Damascene, Simeon the New Theologian), Most Pure, mother of unending prayer, et caetera. I will conclude by stating the traditional teaching of the Church concerning the veneration of the Mother of God: She is “more venerated than the Cherubim and more glorified than the Seraphim.” pp. 3–18

Keywords: The Mother of God; Bride; works; Philokalic Fathers; holiness; Theotokos; prayers

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Dumitru Stăniloae Faculty of Orthodox Theology,
Department of Research,
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași

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