ABSTRACT. This study deals with some boundary issues in the field of scientific research that have generated great debate in the recent decades. These border issues include topics that fundamental approaches in cosmology, the sciences of the living systems, psychology, sociology, but also the philosophy of sciences have dealt with. The study presents various approaches and interpretations that suggest the presence of fundamental discontinuities in the landscape of reality, relying on scientific descriptions. The theories that describe the micro and macro cosmos, the scientific models that try to explain the living world, the scientific data regarding the phenomenon of conscience, but also the way in which the results of the scientific knowledge in the field of concrete life are exploited, reveal the limits of the scientific approaches and some irreducibility situations. In this regard, we mention some meanings resulting from the reflection of the Orthodox theology with relevance in the field of spiritual life, together with some aspects that may be significant in regard to the relation between scientific knowledge and human life. In connection with this last aspect, we also mention some results from the sphere of neuroscience and the reflection of Christian spirituality that can contribute to an adequate positioning of the fact of science in relation to the life of the one who knows it. Thus, we aim to highlight the manner in which some recent scientific data and the philocalic experience of the Christian East can contribute to a spiritual reception of scientific data and to the enhancement of knowledge acquisitions for the betterment of the human life and the life of the world.

Keywords: cosmology; neuroscience; the ultimate reality; spiritual meanings

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PhD; Lecturer,
Dumitru Stăniloae Faculty of Orthodox Theology,
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University; Iași, Romania

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