ABSTRACT. The administrative, political and social transformations of the last decade confirm that, in the pastoral activity of the priest in the community, the efficient administration of the institution remains a consistent index in the evaluation of the parish activity. It is found that the priest is forced to allocate a consistent resource of time and energy to outline an efficient administration. This responsibility of administrator of the parish assets, projects the priest in administrative relations with several factors: the believers, as members of the community involved in the administrative decision-making factor, with public institutions as social partners and last but not least with the higher church hierarchy as a decision-maker factor in the administration of the parish assets. An analysis of the convergences and divergences between the church administration and the pastoral care of rural communities can be a starting point in identifying appropriate canonical solutions for the pastoral care of rural communities.

Keywords: administration; pastoral care; legislation; parish priest; community; normative act

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PhD; Archimandite Associate Professor at Aurel Vlaicu University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
Arad, Romania

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