ABSTRACT. The article is a discursive attempt at analyzing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the spiritual life and behavior of the Orthodox Christians. It sets out to render the personal experience and perception of a priest in dealing with the social and spiritual consequences of the spread of this virus rather than achieve a thorough scientific analysis. The most important thing is to see what we have to learn from this plaque and how we should get stronger and wiser. That is why we propose two directions of research, that are connected. The first direction regards the closure of churches while the second one is connected to the Holy Eucharist. Further, the analysis refers to both priest and people, to the way they experienced the dramatic measures taken during the lockdown, namely the closure of church, the impossibility of attending religious services during the Lent and at Easter.

Keywords: Covid-19; pandemic; lockdown; church closure; crisis; Christian teachings

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PhD; Reverend Associate Professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
Iași, Romania

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