ABSTRACT. In this article, we propose to describe the perception patterns that contribute to the creation of food discourse: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. In our research, we analyse the occurrence of the sensorial terms in two cookbooks, to discover which of the five senses are mostly used in the food discourse. The approach involves an interdisciplinary exploration, from various perspectives, such as: communication, linguistics and neurolinguistic programming. Considering that every individual has a specific preference for one or two of the sensory systems, at the level of perception people translate the information in order to match those preferences. However, in this research, we are seeking for the patterns used by the creator of the message, in order to discover his/her particular codification of reality.

Keywords: discourse; food; perception; communication; sensory patterns; neuro-linguistics

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Stefan cel Mare University,
Department of Romanian Language and Literature and Communication Sciences;
Suceava, Romania

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