ABSTRACT. The paper presents data related to the conservation problems of the icons whose pictorial layer is covered with metal revetment, as well as their research and conservation methods. The degradation of the icons through the development of biological attacks, the fragility of the painting is a frequent problem of the icons. The cleaning of the revetment ends with the erosion of the painting adjacent to the metal edges and the leakage of the cleaning solutions on the painting. Macro and microscopic observations, with UV, IR, Roentgen radiation provide essential data for dating, characterization of the author's techniques and style, analysis of the state of conservation of the icons. The conservation of the icons covered by revetment requires ensuring a healthy space, with stable microclimate factors, with relative humidity below 55%, as well as carrying out biocidal treatment and painting consolidation when the onset of degradation processes is noticed.

Keywords: painting; icon; revetment; research; conservation; Romania

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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University,
Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
Iaşi, Romania

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