ABSTRACT. The questions that Emil Cioran asks time and again could be phrased like: What was God doing before creating the world, time and man? What does God do when he leaves man all alone in the world? What does God do when man turns away from Him who wishes to be worshipped? What about the man who merges with God, the man who has cursed God? And further, what would it be like if God sees how he stands, and commits suicide? What if, all of a sudden, they have just disappeared, both God and the world he created? With respect to God, Cioran puts forward as a starting point for reasoning that He is left with the challenges of skeptical, tireless, scrutinizing, malign interrogation. With respect to man, the philosopher answers that he is left with ennui and void.

Keywords: Emil Cioran; indirect death; ennui; void; acedia

Mircea Lazarescu
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Victor Babes University of Medicine

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