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Top-ranking universities where our authors are located: Harvard University, University of Oxford, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, Boston University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of California, etc. Here is a list:


The predominant countries of authors: United States (34%), New Zealand (6%), Germany (4%), UK (3%), Australia (3%), Italy (3%), Canada (2%), France (2%), and Spain (2%).

Thanks to their valuable contributions, most journals we publish are highly cited in Scopus and Web of Science. Several journals are being evaluated by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics.

Highly cited contributors (in Scopus and Web of Science): Simon Marginson (University of Melbourne), Ronald Barnett (University of London), Michael A. Peters (University of Waikato/University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Henry A. Giroux (McMaster University), José Antonio Ocampo (Columbia University), Christine M. Korsgaard (Harvard University), Nick Bostrom (Oxford University), Joseph Raz (Columbia University), Derek Parfit (Oxford University), Nicholas Rescher (University of Pittsburgh), Nirvikar Singh (University of California, Santa Cruz), Richard Swinburne (Oxford University), William I. Robinson (University of California, Santa Barbara), Hershey Friedman (City University of New York), Aneel Karnani (University of Michigan), David R. Just (Cornell University, Ithaca), Peter McLaren (Chapman University/University of California, Los Angeles), Clay Shirky (New York University), Larry Catá Backer (Pennsylvania State University), Gerald Gaus (University of Arizona), Ronald F. Inglehart (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), Robert E.B. Lucas (Boston University), Casey B. Mulligan (University of Chicago), John Shotter (University of New Hampshire), etc.

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