ABSTRACT. This paper offers a synthesis of available evidence of the Facebook addiction research field. Facebook allows users to strengthen their self-esteems on the basis of immediate reaction from possibly numerous persons. Particular features of Facebook utilization have beneficial consequences on a user’s wellbeing, just as others have adverse repercussions. Facebook assists users in escaping through communication with other individuals. Using data from Hootsuite, Pew Research Center, Priceonomics, Retrevo, Statista, Techcrunch, and We Are Social, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding monthly active users of selected social media networks and messaging services, the percent of users of each social media site who use another social media site, and the percent of teen social media users/ online adults who use the most relevant sites most often.

Keywords: Facebook use; behavioral addiction; depressive symptom; social contact

How to cite: Rothchild, Nicholas (2018). “Is Troublesome Facebook Use a Behavioral Addiction?” American Journal of Medical Research 5(1): 73–78.

Received 15 October 2017 • Received in revised form 8 March 2018
Accepted 11 March 2018 • Available online 25 March 2018


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