ABSTRACT. Following recent research on convolutional neural networks, analytical algorithms, and personalized health care, I have identified and provided empirical evidence that, in the big data sphere, artificial intelligence approaches are refashioning the manner medical practitioners make clinical decisions and diagnosis. Using data from Apps Run the World, CB Insights, Global Market Insights, and Statista, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding healthcare applications market shares split by top ten healthcare vendors and others, the size of the computer vision artificial intelligence market for medical applications worldwide, and U.S. healthcare assistive robots market size, by product. Empirical and secondary data are used to support the claims that applicability and veracity of the data are as significant as amount of data in the upgrading of machine learning for precision medicine.

Keywords: convolutional neural network; analytical algorithm; personalized health care

How to cite: Blanton, Tessa (2018). “Convolutional Neural Networks, Analytical Algorithms, and Personalized Health Care: Embracing the Massive Data Analysis Capabilities of Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Systems to Complement and Improve Medical Services,” American Journal of Medical Research 5(2): 52–57.

Received 28 April 2018 • Received in revised form 17 July 2018
Accepted 22 July 2018 • Available online 28 August 2018


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